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Welcome to the newly revived Carnival of Maryland, a compilation of blog posts by Marylanders and/or about Maryland. Between February of 2007 and April of 2009 the Carnival appeared 56 times on various blogs, all having to do with the state of Maryland. This is the 57th edition. If you would like to participate in future editions, you may submit tour Maryland related posts through our submission page at .  If you would like to host an edition, please email me at the address in this blog’s sidebar.

Maryland Social and Entertainment Scene:
There are lots of things to see and do in Maryland and Maryland bloggers want you to know about them.

Clark’s Picks shows a video of a performance of the Santa Cruz River Band at Rock Hall’s The Mainstay.

Angie likes to go to a bar in Baltimore called Howl at the Moon where people drink too much, out of buckets and using straws, and tip the piano players too much to play requests.

Summer is Icumin In:
Some of those good things only happen in the summer.

Lynn Brtlet’s Ocean City Maryland Blog has a calender of Ocean City events for SUMMER!.

Inside Charm City announces Soft Shell Crab Week!

Breaking News: according to Oriole Post, the Orioles aren’t doing so well.

What good would blogging be without politics to argue about?

Joyce Dowling of Creating a Jubilee County: Prince George’s Co., MD, took some notes on an immigration question at candidate forum in Prince George’s on same day as Obama visited Silver Spring.

Pus Polling in Montgomery County is the subject at Maryland Politics Watch.

Maryland Conservatarian is not impressed that E.J. Dionne is impressed with Elena Kagan.

The Natural Capital Wanats to know what you hope will come out of President Obama’s Great Outdoors Initiative.

Raynard Jackson, or P. Kenneth Burns or somebody on Maryland Politics Today is against amnesty for illegal aliens, but isn’t nasty.

Leviathan Montgomery doubts that the benefits of Real ID will outweigh the costs.

The Greenbelt defends Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick’
s right to call Republican opposition to Obama administration policies almost seditious.

Oil In The News:
Did you ever wake up with oil spills on your mind?

Monoblogue wants everyone to know that the oil industry isn’t particularly happy with President Obama’s moritorium on offshore oil drilling.

Kevin Dayhoff – Soundtrack quotes a breaking story on the Washington Post, that Topkill has failed.

Blogging for Bloggers:
Sometimes you gotta blog about blogging.

C. Dowd Art, Illustratiion & Design encourages artists to use Facebook or it’s equivalent , despite what Dowd calls Facebook’s privacy “cluster”.

This concludes the 57th Carnival of Maryland. Te next edition will appear at I’ll Never Forget The Day I Read A Book! on June 13th. See you there.

Photo by Cameron Davidson

Photo © Cameron Dvidson

I am pleased, once again to host the Carnival of Maryland, brought to you by the Maryland Blogger Alliance. Every other Sunday some blog somewhere hosts this carnival, which brings you fascinating stories from the Free State. If you live in, used to live in, or have a second cousin you visited once in Maryland and you write about in on your blog, you may want to apply for membership in the alliance. You can do so through the Maryland Blogger Alliance link. Maryland related posts, even by non members can be submitted for the next carnival through this link

We have fourteen posts in this edition of the Carnival and they look like this.


ShoreThings brings us a collection of aerial photos of the Chesapeake Bay, taken by photographer Cameron Davidson. Just like the picture above. I have stretched ShoreThings‘s permission to use this photo all out of shape by using it again here under the “it’s easier to beg forgiveness than ask for permission” theory. Forgive me?

The Ridger took some pictures and posted them on The Greenbelt, they are Gulls on Ice and A New Day.

Local Politics:

Creating a Jubilee County: Prince George’s Co., MD went to a small, local inauguration ball right in Prince George’s County. It wasn’t crowded, cold or hellishly inconvenient.

National Politics:

Monoblogue points out that a proposal to fund the State Children’s Health Insurance Program by raising the Federal tax on cigarettes may not work because it might encourage people to quit smoking. Let’s hope he’s right.

Public Policy:

,Monoblogue talks about George Bush and Circuit City and about austerity as a policy for getting us out of our fiscal crisis. Hey, it worked for Herbert Hoover.


Blueprint for Financial Prosperity wants you to know that you may be eligible for and how to apply for the Maryland Homestead Tax Credit. If you live in Maryland this could save you big bucks!

Humor, Nostalgia, Local Color or Something:

Boomer Twilight recalls playing pranks on his boss at his first job, working at a fast food restaurant in 1966, in Who Left The Red barn Door Open.

Soccer Dad took some pictures of a lamp post in an unusual position. Perhaps someone was frustrated looking for his car keys under it.

Arts and Music:

C launches a new online comic strip. Mr. President. Work on those ears, guy.

For the last Carnival of Maryland, at The Greenbelt, Clark’s Picks (that’s me) brought you “the best unknown guitarist in the world,” Roy Buchanan, from Washington DC. This time, for the sake of fairness and equal time, here is Danny Gatton, the other, and better known, “worlds greatest unknown guitarist,” with a rockabilly showpiece from Austin City Limits. He lived in southern Maryland.


In The History Cellar we find some Examples of Maryland Runaway Slave Advertisements.

The Greenbelt has posted a poem for us by Edgar Allen Poe, to celebrate Poe’s 200th birthday on January 19th.

Science and Environment:

The Political Octagon “ excoriates Martin O’Malley for bragging about preparing for the effects of global warming and taking steps to lessen it’s effects, then suggests that the only thing to do is run for our lives, possibly to West Virginia.

Recently I downloaded a Firefox plugin called SEOQuake. The reason that I did so is because it can be configured to to show all no-follow links on a web page with a strike-through font. This is useful, or so I thought, in finding do-follow blogs to leave comments on. I learned from somebody’s how-to-blog blog, that I should go leave comments on do-follow blogs in order to build link-backs to mine and build Page Rank. Page Rank is, of course the holy grail of blogging. Page Rank is what puts your blog high in the search results on Google.

The trouble is that Blogger, WordPress and Typepad, the three giants of blog software, all default to no-follow. Every blog that I look at has no-follow comments. Leaving comments, then, does not have the effect of building page rank through links from other blogs. It does help build community and may get you a spot on someone’s blogroll, eventually, which will, or should, be a do-follow link.

Then I discovered that for self hosted WordPress blogs there are plugins which will undo the no-follow default. This evening I installed one, sem-dofollow from Semilogic, on my self-hosted blog, Clark’s Picks. When you leave a comment there, you get some Google juice from me now.

I don’t know how, or if it is possible, to make this, WordPress hosted, blog, or my Blogger blog, I’ll Never Forget The Day I Read A Book! do-follow. What I can do is occasionally list links to all of my commenters. Here are the commenters, who have blogs or websites, on ROTUS for the last 12 months:

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Whoo! I won’t do that again. I learned something else, too. Most of my comments are from a few regulars and most of the blogs by people who commented here are still around, although some have not been posted on for a few weeks or months. The Googleplex seems to more stable that I would have believed.

The sixth edition of the Book Review Blog Carnival is posted at Imaginary Lands. Don’t miss it! There are 40 reviews in this edition.

The 46th edition of the Carnival of Maryland has been posted at Pillage Idiot. There are quite a few posts by Republican bloggers who are wailing and gnashing their teeth. The consensus among them seems to be that Americans can’t be trusted to vote because we are uneducated and gullible. Calls for the return of the franchise only for white male property owners is evident.

A blogg carnival is a blog post containing links to other blogs, which have some commonality. The Carnival of Maryland is (surprise!) centered on the State of Maryland.

I have two posts in this carnival, my post here about Frank Kratovil taking the safe Republican 1st district seat in Congress for the Democratic Party (wail, gnash) and one on Clark’s Picks about trombonist Edward “Kid” Ory.

This week’s edition of the Book Review Blog Carnival has been published at The Symposium. There are 33 book reviews in this edition which range from children’s books to books on Constitutional law. Drop by and do a little light reading.

If you submitted a post to the carnival in the last month and did not receive an email from me this morning, please email me at cbjorke at gmail dot com, so I can get you and your blog on the contributor list.

I will be hosting edition #5 on November 23rd at I’ll Never Forget The Day I Read A Book! Please submit your book reviews at the usual location:

Take a look at Inside Government. It’s just a baby, with only three posts, but they are top quality. Inside Government intends to take a close look at the innards of Washington and tell us how it works – or not. I have subscribed in my Google Reader, so you can expect to see the occasional link to a particularly interesting post here, now and then.

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