Carnival of Maryland

The first edition of the newly revived Carnival of Maryland will be posted on this blog on May 30, 2010. Anyone may participate, however I will need to be convinced that your post is about Maryland in some way. Please submit you Maryland related posts at right away!


Maryland State FlagI am going to take over the administration of the moribund Carnival of Maryland; at As soon as ownership is transferred to me I will post an announcement of the URL for submissions and the date of the first new carnival. It will probably be hosted here.

Posts in the Carnival of Maryland must be on a subject relating to Maryland in some way. Stay tuned and polish up your best Maryland related blog posts for inclusion in the carnival.

Bust to be erected at the Southeast Anchor Library

The Baltimore Sun reports that the bust of Frank Zappa given to the city of Baltimore by the Zappa by a Zappa fan club in Vilnius Lithuania will be placed at the Southeast Anchor Library in Highlandtown.  This is the new branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library opened this year. Frank Zappa,  a Baltimore native, was a controversial musician  and composer. Comments on the Sun website show that the controversy is not over yet. Zappa was a social libertarian, whose defense of the first amendment was a defense against the conservative nanny state, which wants to order the lives of individuals according to it’s own restrictive set of rules.

“low expectations.”

Barry Schwartz, psychologist and Swarthmore College professor’s compelling argument for limited choices. Did you ever notice that poor people seem to be happier than rich ones? Merry Christmas.

Here are a couple of “lectures” from a TED conference that are worth your time. In the first Benjamin Zander will attempt to show you that, yes, you really do love classical music. He  will also teach you something about teaching, how to do it, why to do it and how to know if you are doing it right.


Evelyn Glennie will then teach you how to listen. Did I mention that she is deaf?


Morton Salt Girl grows up.

Morton Salt girl grows up.

I haven’t posted anything on this blog in six months and I find I have 40 or 50 hits a day still. The world has been going to hell in a hand basket without my wisdom and guidance, too.

So how are you people out there? Everyone still employed?

Vice President Joe Biden gave a speech this weekend on a US Navy ship. Fortunately the “Mission Accomplished” banner was nowhere to be seen, however in his comments he told a story about something that Admiral Mullen, the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at a secret, hush hush meeting with the President. “I can’t tell you the event because it’s classified, but I can tell you what happened,” the V.P. said.

You can’t tell us that it was about the recent pirate hostage rescue, Joe? How come?

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