Well I guess people didn’t like Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s response to President Obama’s address last night to a joint session of Congress, at least that’s what I hear. People seemed to think that there was something lacking in his style or his presentation. Now I watched most of Gov. Jindal’s response last night, until I grew bored with the repetition of tired themes like walking to school in a Louisiana blizzard ten miles uphill both ways with a bucket of milk from the family farm in one hand and a basket of eggs in the other, to pay the tuition for his private education because his family refused to accept a handout from the public schools. I finally turned it off and went to bed, knowing that the liberal media would fill me in in the morning.

One person has stood by Bobby Jindal, though. Good old Rush, he knows a good Republican when he sees one. Bobby is colorful and young and has that je ne sais quoi about him that just might be the thing to bring the party Rushing back. I love a good logical argument, devoid of ad hominem attacks. You can always count on Rush to be precise, logical and factual. Give him a listen, you might learn something.

P.S. Another defender of the good Governor is my good conservative friend Jon Swift.