A brief announcement appeared on the White House Blog this evening, stating that Senator Gregg had “withdrawn his name” from consideration for the post as Commerce Secretary. Earlier today, in the Senate, Gregg had abstained from voting on the stimulus package. I guess that his lack of support for the President’s policies and programs didn’t sit so well.

Partisanship is rising quickly again in Washington. I predict that President Obama is going to start taking a much less conciliatory stance toward the Republican minority. Not too soon for me.

There had been a call for applications for “political appointment” jobs in the Obama administration on the blog. Maybe I’ll put in for commerce Secretary. I better get my resume in before Joe the Plumber scoops up the job.

Update: Republicans “Emboldened” by Gregg’s withdrawal. WTF? When are these guys going to stop digging the hole they’ve gotten themselves in?