Photo by Cameron Davidson

Photo © Cameron Dvidson

I am pleased, once again to host the Carnival of Maryland, brought to you by the Maryland Blogger Alliance. Every other Sunday some blog somewhere hosts this carnival, which brings you fascinating stories from the Free State. If you live in, used to live in, or have a second cousin you visited once in Maryland and you write about in on your blog, you may want to apply for membership in the alliance. You can do so through the Maryland Blogger Alliance link. Maryland related posts, even by non members can be submitted for the next carnival through this link

We have fourteen posts in this edition of the Carnival and they look like this.


ShoreThings brings us a collection of aerial photos of the Chesapeake Bay, taken by photographer Cameron Davidson. Just like the picture above. I have stretched ShoreThings‘s permission to use this photo all out of shape by using it again here under the “it’s easier to beg forgiveness than ask for permission” theory. Forgive me?

The Ridger took some pictures and posted them on The Greenbelt, they are Gulls on Ice and A New Day.

Local Politics:

Creating a Jubilee County: Prince George’s Co., MD went to a small, local inauguration ball right in Prince George’s County. It wasn’t crowded, cold or hellishly inconvenient.

National Politics:

Monoblogue points out that a proposal to fund the State Children’s Health Insurance Program by raising the Federal tax on cigarettes may not work because it might encourage people to quit smoking. Let’s hope he’s right.

Public Policy:

,Monoblogue talks about George Bush and Circuit City and about austerity as a policy for getting us out of our fiscal crisis. Hey, it worked for Herbert Hoover.


Blueprint for Financial Prosperity wants you to know that you may be eligible for and how to apply for the Maryland Homestead Tax Credit. If you live in Maryland this could save you big bucks!

Humor, Nostalgia, Local Color or Something:

Boomer Twilight recalls playing pranks on his boss at his first job, working at a fast food restaurant in 1966, in Who Left The Red barn Door Open.

Soccer Dad took some pictures of a lamp post in an unusual position. Perhaps someone was frustrated looking for his car keys under it.

Arts and Music:

C launches a new online comic strip. Mr. President. Work on those ears, guy.

For the last Carnival of Maryland, at The Greenbelt, Clark’s Picks (that’s me) brought you “the best unknown guitarist in the world,” Roy Buchanan, from Washington DC. This time, for the sake of fairness and equal time, here is Danny Gatton, the other, and better known, “worlds greatest unknown guitarist,” with a rockabilly showpiece from Austin City Limits. He lived in southern Maryland.


In The History Cellar we find some Examples of Maryland Runaway Slave Advertisements.

The Greenbelt has posted a poem for us by Edgar Allen Poe, to celebrate Poe’s 200th birthday on January 19th.

Science and Environment:

The Political Octagon “ excoriates Martin O’Malley for bragging about preparing for the effects of global warming and taking steps to lessen it’s effects, then suggests that the only thing to do is run for our lives, possibly to West Virginia.