Recently I downloaded a Firefox plugin called SEOQuake. The reason that I did so is because it can be configured to to show all no-follow links on a web page with a strike-through font. This is useful, or so I thought, in finding do-follow blogs to leave comments on. I learned from somebody’s how-to-blog blog, that I should go leave comments on do-follow blogs in order to build link-backs to mine and build Page Rank. Page Rank is, of course the holy grail of blogging. Page Rank is what puts your blog high in the search results on Google.

The trouble is that Blogger, WordPress and Typepad, the three giants of blog software, all default to no-follow. Every blog that I look at has no-follow comments. Leaving comments, then, does not have the effect of building page rank through links from other blogs. It does help build community and may get you a spot on someone’s blogroll, eventually, which will, or should, be a do-follow link.

Then I discovered that for self hosted WordPress blogs there are plugins which will undo the no-follow default. This evening I installed one, sem-dofollow from Semilogic, on my self-hosted blog, Clark’s Picks. When you leave a comment there, you get some Google juice from me now.

I don’t know how, or if it is possible, to make this, WordPress hosted, blog, or my Blogger blog, I’ll Never Forget The Day I Read A Book! do-follow. What I can do is occasionally list links to all of my commenters. Here are the commenters, who have blogs or websites, on ROTUS for the last 12 months:

The Sirens Chronicles
I Quit Smoking
Windows to Russia
Inside Government
Hillbilly Willy

Zaius Nation
File Under Misc
Speedcat Hollydale Page
Your Neighborhood Reverend
The Painted Veil
SOS Georgia
Insane Baltimore
Book Calendar

Olga the Traveling Bra
Special Brew Man
Pick of the Literate
Guitar Control Man
Daddy Papersurfer
Broke But Still Drinking
Pennsylvania for Change

Life Onwards
The Witty Ways of a Wayward Wife
James Adams Floating Theater
UU Mom
Your Mileage May Vary
Learn How To Play A Guitar For Free
Jayleigh’s Grand Adventure
Scratch for the Soul
Serious Entrepreneur

Slingshot Thought
Moue Magazine
Dyre Portents
Blog Writing Course
Learning SEO & Online Marketing – Intermediate
Sugar Queen’s Dream
Vicezilla’s Views

Diary From England
Jaleen B Photography and Digital Painting
Some of Nothing
The Black Cordelias
buy new orleans
Letters Home

Little Rock Jams
Eys Shut Tight
A Total Blog
My Thermos
Outta The Cornfield
Left Handed Compliment
Much of a Muchness
Diary of a 70s Teen

Mystic Veg
Blue Gal
Huma B~Post
Comrade Kevin’s Cherestomathy
Gimcrack Hospital
Quality Tale
Like I was sayin’
My Stress Coach
Hugo Zoom
In the Interest of Sensibility

The Enchanted Heart
Julie’s Blog
Old Ford Road
The Crone Speaks
Brass and Ivory
Corporate Presenter
fran I am
Why Don’t You Blog?
Struck in Traffic

It All Goes Here
It’s My Right to be Left of Center
The Offended Blogger
No damn blog
The Quirky World of Jessi
Thoughts on Quotes
Victoria Everman

Colorado Cowgirl In Upstate New York
Expatriate Games
Gentilly Girl
Abandoned Stuff by Saskboy
Ironic Surrealism II
The Field Negro
When Will I Use This?

Center Face
The Boomer Chronicles
blogging out loud
Professor Zero
French Heart
Secure Your Trademark
Lost In A Sea

Costa Rica Tropical Paradise Properties
The Litterbox
Mistah Charlie
Peaclver’s semi regular blog
Full Contact
Stone Riley
Vagabond Scholar
Just His Words

Bringing Brands To Life
Catscratch Diva
Blogdumps Blog
The Art of Peace
Long Live the Village Green
Dandilion Salad
Chuck for . . .
The Midpoint

The Seminal
Drinking Liberally In New Milford
Zen Comix
The Politicat
Kiko’s House
Reno and it’s Discontents
My View of “It”
Notes From The TEFL Graveyard
Scholars and Drones

Music Portal
The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely
Musings of a Chick
Sense of Self
Smashed Frog
Vintage Guitars
The Views of the All Seeing Eye
Not John Chow
Crofty’s Blog

This Time This Space
David’s treks for the charity Mencap
The Wired Kayaker
Linky Love

Whoo! I won’t do that again. I learned something else, too. Most of my comments are from a few regulars and most of the blogs by people who commented here are still around, although some have not been posted on for a few weeks or months. The Googleplex seems to more stable that I would have believed.