One of my fellow Maryland bloggers, Common Sense has posted an electoral map, colored red and blue by county. He contends that the U.S. is really still a Republican stronghold, except for those pesky cities. Just look at the map!

I have tow comments to make.

1. It is a fact that rural voters tend to vote Republican in the United States. This map shows a lot of red in rural counties. There are not that many registered voters out there. Back in the stone age, I had a summer job at a hybrid seed farm in Iowa. I often worked, chasing a de-tasseling crew up and down the rows of field #1. Field #1 was a “section” a square one mile on a side with a road running along each side. There was not one human being living in field #1, just corn. We are lucky to have a country where there are many, many square miles just like that with not one person living in them.

2. The rural county, where I live now, went for John McCain by four votes. It looks red on Common Sense‘s map, but it’s really a very purple place. Evey county on that map, in fact, is some shade of purple, rural, urban or in the ‘burbs.

President Elect Obama has promised to make an effort to earn the votes of those who supported McCain this year. He has the next four years to do so. Let’s give him a chance to do it.

Update: here is a link to a University of Michigan site which has the by county map, along with a series of maps and cartograms, with detailed explanations, including a map showing the vote, by county, with shades of purple.