Tina Fey  not Sarah Palin

Tina Fey not Sarah Palin

There is a lot of scuttlebut running loose on the internet about Sarah Palin kicking John McCain to the curb and running for President on her own in 2012. Tensions in the campaign, comments from staffers that Palin is off message or off the reservation. Criticisms by Palin of the McCain campaign strategy. Roger Simon has a piece in Yahoo News today where he calls McCain a millstone around Gov. Palin’s neck. Yesterday CNN quoted John Roberts saying that Palin will be the most popular Republican around after next Tuesday.

If Sarah Palin is the best that the Republican Party can offerin 2012, with her inability to name a major newspaper that she reads or answer a straightforward question about foreign policy, with her ethics as Governor of Alaska under question with her assault style of political campaigning, then the Republican Party can expect to be in a steep decline. It will be good for Tina Fey’s career, though.

Update: Gov. Palin is at the center of a storm of controversy among conservatives.