An Obama supporter at a rally in Anchorage

An Obama supporter at a rally in Anchorage

I have been reading Mudflats lately, which has been covering the Presidential election campaign, locally, in Anchorage, Alaska. A surprisingly large and effective Obama campaign has been holding events up there. The Palin/Whatshisname campaign eh, not so much.

My Sarah Palin Baby Name is Khaki Salmon Palin. Find out what your name would be if Sarah was your hockey mom at the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator.

Some other Alaska blogs are:

Alaska Real, which has an interesting post about people having to abandon their homes in the back country of Alaska because of the high cost of fuel.

Women Against Sarah Palin I found these links on Mudflats, so expect a certain bias. Oddly, these Alaskan women, gosh darn it, don’t care much for their Governor.

Andrew Halco. What was Ronald Reagan talking about in that line quoted by Gov. Palin in the debate? Fighting against socialist Medicare, of course!

Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis, who organized a rally in favor of continuing the troopergate investigation.

I Eat Gravel. He has a video of some presumably intoxicated people, not in Alaska, I think, who are obsessed with the name Barack Hussein Obama. You know, the A-rab.