I watched last night’s Vice Presidential debate hoping for a trainwreck, like the rest of the world did. No such luck. Gov. Palin was focused and on message. Curiously, she was very cordial and even fawningly respectful of Sen. Biden, while trying to drive a wedge between Biden and Obama by bringing up policy differences that were aired during the primary season Democratic debates.

As the 90 minutes wore on, though, the thinness of Palin’s grasp of the issues began to show through. She never had a full bore Katie Couric moment, but she came perilously close when talking about Afghanistan.

Sen. Biden put on a stellar performance. He showed a keen grasp of the issues, sidestepped the policy differences and “not ready to lead” statements from the primary days, was polite and respectful toward Palin without appearing condescending.

I have to call this debate a win for Biden, but it doesn’t matter, since the expectations for Palin were so low and she exceeded them. This debate won’t change any minds.