Saturday night President Bush scared the bejesus out of everybody with his encouraging speech about why we must spend $700,000,000,000 to bail out Wall Street, or else. Today in Congress, the House failed to pass the bailout plan hammered out over the weekend. The Dow immediately plunged more than 700 points, one for each billion that Henry Paulson wants us to give, with no strings attached, so he can cointinue to bail out failing banks, That is roughly the amount spent in the last four years in the war in Iraq, but who’s counting.

John McCain, in a speech today, blamed the Democrats for injecting politics into the economic crisis by blaming John McCain for injecting politics into the economic crisis, and accused Barack Obama of lack of leadership. Barack Obama called for calm, reassuring the American people that a compromise will be reached, saying that sometimes things don’t go smoothly in Congress.

Who’s showing leadership here, Bush, McCain or Obama? What do you think?