I am pleased to host the 41st Carnival of Maryland, brought to you by the Maryland Blogger Alliance.
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Photo by Jose Maria Cuellar used under Creative Commons License.

Photo by Jose Maria Cuellar used under Creative Commons License.

We have a variety of entries in today’s carnival, many of which are multiple submissions from the same bloggers. I have kept them in order by writer, this time, rather than grouping them by topic.

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Mike Netherland at Mike’s Nether Land doesn’t care for letters from his superintendent of schools that are written both in English and en español. Eso es demasiado malo. Señor Netherland, speaking as The MARC…Train is also leery of the idea of a fleet of hovercraft ferries, run by the MD Transportation Authority, instead of another Bay bridge. Don’t worry, it’s a non-starter. Go ahead and build another bridge, just don’t put it in Tolchester, please.

Will Schick at Pour It On Boys celebrates the Iraqization of Anbar province. What nobody noticed?

Jeff Quinton writes in Inside Charm City about the endorsement of Democrat Frank Krratovil for the 1st district seat in Congress by defeated incumbent, Republican Wayne Gilchrest. Close reading will show that I am trying to stir up a fight in the comments.

The Ridger who blogs on the Greenbelt wants to let everyone know about an online opportunity to donate money to educational programs in Maryland (or other states) schools. She also has taken several photos of sunrises lately and even more sunrises, indicating a disposition to be an early bird, but probably not to catch worms. This just in: the Ridger finds destruction in a College Park park.

UU Mom, Joyce Dowling, sings in a humanist music video parody of a song from The Sound of Music. On a lighter note, she reminds us of the Prince George’s County Fair and a discussion of the ballot questions coming up in the county.

OM, blogging at Insane Baltimore, is unimpressed by the big promised makeover at Giant. Maybe they haven’t done it yet?

Attilla has a post about a teacher that gave cocaine to two high school students. Not surprisingly, students seem to think this teacher is cool. Wrong!

Zinzindor, at Leviathan Montgomery, has a beef with a group of parents who want a free lunch, so to speak, to go with their children’s free public education.

Michael writes in monoblog about Republican. Wayne Gilchrest’s endorsement of Democrat Frank Kratovil to replace him in the 1st congressional district. Michael also presents his program for government spending and tax reform. He says that he hopes to live to see his 50 year plan come to fruition. Michael must be younger than me.

Clark (that’s me) writes in Clark’s Picks about Maryland native John Fahey who made some great music and had an awful life. I also want to bring your attention to a post I wrote here at ROTUS back in July that may help explain why Wayne has crossed party lines to endorsed Democrat Frank Kratovil for his own seat in Congress.

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