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I am supporting Barack Obamafor President. Here is why.

Since the Reagan years I have seen the Republican party veer further and further off track. In order to get elected, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush made an alliance with an anti-democratic coalition of social “conservatives” who wish to establish a theocracy in this country. Each election cycle the dependence of Republican candidates on these theocrats becomes stronger.

I find them no less frightening than the Taliban. I do not want to disrespect anyone’s religious faith but I will resist anyone’s attempt to impose the dogma of their religious faith on me, my family and my country. The ideology of these American Taliban has had an impact on scientific research, school curriculum, medicine, law enforcement, Supreme Court appointments, and of course, Supreme Court decisions. Even the decision to go to war in Iraq was skewed by a religion centered ideological thought process. This nation can not afford to continue in this direction. John McCain had resisted this trend in the past. This year he has embraced it. His choice of a running mate illustrates this fact.

I respect John McCain. In 2000 I voted for him in the Maryland Republican primary. That was the year that the Republicans experimented with allowing independents to vote in their primary here. They never did that again.

John McCain is just too old to be president. If he were to serve two full terms he would be 80 years old when he left office. I have seen the way that the presidency has aged every president I have seen throughout my life. The strain of that job is not to be taken lightly. His choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate makes his age much more important in my opinion. I don’t care how you spin it. Sarah Palin has no business being in the White House, not this year, not ever. Not only her age and relative inexperience, but her ideological bent is unacceptable.

Barack Obama offers this country the chance to get back to it’s better self. He has a plan to invest in the infrastructure of the 21st century, renewable energy, conservation and new opportunity. He believes in a progrssive tax structure and not taxing the poor to reward the rich. His vision of foreign policy is one of leadership within the world community and not of go it alone recalcitrance. Obama posesses the intellect, the curiosity, the dedication that is needed to move this country forward. He chooses the best and brightest to serve on his team, not the most loyal. He is able to reach out to those with whom he disagrees and find common ground.

If you have any doubt about my political position, although I don’t know why any regular reader of this blog woud, this should clear things up.