Did you ever wonder what Al Gore does for fun? One thing that he does is get together with a bunch of other uber-smart people and listen to them talk about what they have been thinking about lately. This happens at an annual conference called TED (Technoligy, Entertainment, Design) that takes place in Long Beach, California. TED has a website, where you can watch many of the talks on video and you can even save the $6,000 fee and become an online TED member for free, which give you the privilege of commenting on the various videos and posting a profile, which can include a link to your own website/blog/ MySpace page or whatever. You get to pretend you are one of those uber-smart people. I jumped at the chance, myself.

Here’s a link to an example, a short video of uber-smart guy, physicist Murry Gell-Mann talking abut the origins of language. Unfortunately, I’m not uber-smart enough to figure out how to embed TED‘s videos in this blog.