is mostly limited to Google page rank, but that’s a pretty important factor since Google owns the interweaves.

Two weeks ago I hosted the 38th Carnival of Maryland, sponsored by the Maryland Blogger Alliance, here on ROTUS. The reason I decided to host the carnival was in order to garner in post links from Blogger Alliance member blogs. Google’s formula for assigning page rank is a trade secret but I believe that links from within a blog post seem to cont more than blogroll links, listed in a blog’s sidebar.

Participating in a blog carnival, of course, get’s a blog a link in a post on the carnival host’s blog. When I hosted this carnival those who participated got a link from my PR 5 blog. I emailed the Blogger Alliance members encouraging them to participate during the week running up to my carnival post and, on the day of, I emailed them again, encouraging them to post a link to the carnival (and to come take a look, of course.) Three did, which is kind of a disappointment. Carnival participation was a bit low, too.

I think that the reason for low participation in this blog carnival and low response to my email requesting back links is a misunderstanding about the nature and goals of a blog carnival. Readership in the carnival was OK but not fantastic. I saw a gain of about 60 visitors, over a usual Sunday. Of those, I’m sure that only a few clicked through to any participating blog. My guess is that Maryland Blogger Alliance members who have participated in past carnivals have seen a low return in readers from the carnival and decided it’s not worth the effort.

Backlinks from Alliance members to the carnival post would increase that traffic quite a bit, however the Google juice from the links, whether in or out are far more important than the number of readers on just one day. Those links will help to boost the PR of the linked blogs at the next round of PR adjustments and, thereafter, increase the number of organic Google search hits. Those Google hits are what it’s all about, ladies and germs.

BTW there is another Maryland Blogger Alliance carnival going on right now at Inside Charm City. I encourage all my readers to take a look. Hey, give it a link if you have a blog.