Welcome to Carnival of Maryland XXXVII. This week I am hosting the carnival here at ROTUS, even though this blog is technically not a Maryland Blogger Alliance blog. I guess that Pillage Idiot is so desperate for carnival hosts that he’ll accept any offer, reasonable or not. Maybe you would like to host a carnival on your blog?

Update: Attila tells me this is the 38th edition. So who said I could count?
In Politics:

Since I have total creative control here today I’m going to start out with my own tribute to the departing Congressman from the 1st district of Maryland, Wayne Gilchrest. Wayne has been a controversial figure due to his unwillingness to toe the Republican party line.

Annapolis Politics offers us Some Political Facts About Oil. It’s not as simple as talking heads and political candidates make it look. Surprised?

Some folks want to look at oil platforms from the beach at Ocean City and others would rather see wind turbines out there. Randomonium wishes to congratulate Governor O’Malley for doing absolutely nothing on he subject. Way To Commit To A Project There, Gov’nr.

UUMom says that You can make a difference – this year more than ever! by supporting Barack Obama. I hate those photos of Obama with the spotlights behind his head making him look like he has a halo, though. Can we get some normal photography?

Michael at monoblogue believes that a high speed rail line, competing with Amtrack’s northeast corridor won’t work. Is it really a wiser choice?” he asks. Why not? Fedzilla, of course!

Pillage Idiot, the esteemed founder of this blog carnival, gives a detailed analysis of social and economic mobility in America in Harvard misunderstands America.What can you expect from a bunch of pointy headed professors?

In Local News:

Blogger 1947 suggests that local TV news people stop doing standups, in order to save gas. in his post When will the TV news go green? I would miss the reporters looking serious in front of a half inch of snow on the courthouse lawn, though.

Leviathan Mongomery says Calling Elliott Ness! Bring the Axes! Maryland is shutting down the slot machines that have been providing funds for volunteer fire departments, projects by the Lions Club and schools. Can’t have that – people need to go to play slots at race tracks.

Randomonium also has an opinion to share about the recent kerfuffle over the Maryland State Police infiltration of anti death penalty groups: Freedom Of Speech Doesn’t Allow You To Pick Your Audience in which she rightly points out that the first amendment doesn’t specifically mention privacy. I’m no constitutional scholar but I believe It’s the fourth amendment we should be talking about here, not the first.

For your Leisure and Entertainment Pleasure:

While I’m touting my own blogs, here’s one from Clark’s Picks, my blog that is a Maryland Blogger Alliance blog. Did you know that Mama Cass was from Baltimore? I bet you thought that was just a rumor started by John Waters.

The Hedgehog Report has an entertaining little film for you The Obamasiah. I want to testify, hallelujah!

In the Travel Section:

The Hedgehog Report reports that Money Magazine has once again named Columbia/Ellicott City #8 On Best Places To Live. I’ve been there. I’ll stay on the Eastern Shore. Somebody mentioned traffic and high density. No thanks.

A visitor to Maryland, Shaula of Your Mileage May Vary, coming from Texas “Where a tree is as rare as a Democrat.” is impressed with Maryland’s Gloriously Green Highways. Here’s wishing Shaula and Neil a pleasant time in The Land Of Pleasant Living and both good driving conditions and low gas prices as they wander the country in their car.

Update: I promised some folks free cotton candy if they came to the carnival. Here it is.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy