An article in the local paper today was about an 88 year old woman in South Dakota who wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton before she died. She filled out her absentee ballot for the South Dakota primary and went to her reward, leaving her grieving daughter to mail the ballot in. South Dakota rejected the woman’s ballot because she was deceased when the ballots were counted, in accordance with South Dakota election law. In some states a deceased person’s vote is counted as long as that person was alive at the time he voted. The article said that the woman was born before women had a vote. Her dying wish was to vote for Hillary for President.

Hillary Clinton was quoted in the article as saying that the woman’s vote should be counted. Big surprise. Meanwhile, rumors of a secret Obama campaign plan to resurrect recently deceased Democrats in time for the general election, code named “Operation Lazarus,” are being denied. “Our get out the vote effort will be good, but not that good,” said an unnamed Obama campaign official.

The McCain campaign issued a statement saying that what applied to voters should also apply to candidates. “A candidate who expires before election day should still be eligible to hold office, if that candidate were alive at the tme that he registered his candidcay. To do otherwise would be discrimination,” the statement said.