The Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Democratic Party is meeting in Washington D.C. today to decide what to do about the delegates from Florida and Michigan at the Democratic National Convention this fall. DonkeysSupporters of Hillary Clinton are picketing outside, demanding that all the delegates be seated and given their full votes, as if the two states had not violated Democratic Party rules by holding their primaries early. Obama supporters are offering compromises, proportional assignments of delegates, seating all of them but giving them half a vote each. No compromise is going to be acceptable to the Clinton camp.

The funny thing is that Obama is going to win the nomination anyway, and many Clinton supporters are going to go away mad because of that – even if they are given everything they ask for in today’s meeting. Once again Will Rogers’ is proved right, wen he said “I don’t belong to an organized political party. I’m a Democrat.”

Update: the Rules Committee has decided to seat half the delegates from Florida and Michigan. Update again: CNN says that they have seated all the delegates but given them half the votes.

This is going to lead to a bloody floor fight in Denver and may kill Obama’s chances in November. What a bunch of jackasses.