guitar chordMy buddy, Saxophone Sam, has asked me to sit in on guitar with his band when they play a dance next month because his regular guitarist can’t make it. The only problem is Sam’s band plays a whole lot of jazz standards in keys with lots of flats in them. I’m sitting here trying to remember how to play a Bb7b9 chord.

I’ve started my Spring home improvement project – adding a powder room in a tight little corner of our laundry room. I’ll have to replace about 40 feet of 2″ drain with 3″ and add another vent stack. I did the demolition and framing and then my wife asked me if I didn’t want to put it “over there instead.”

At work, summer camp starts in two weeks and we have a rental group coming in Wednesday that is staying for 10 days and using every square inch of the place. They don’t want us to “disturb” them while they’re here, either. The Fire Marshall is coming to inspect on Tuesday.

How is your week shaping up?

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