I didn’t realize that Google does a massive update of page rank every three months or so until I read about it yesterday in Court’s Internet Marketing School. Sensitive bloggers could feel a disturbance in the force as page ranks everywhere rose and fell. I’ve been waiting patiently for Clark’s Picks to rise above a rank of 0 since New Years’ Eve. Yesterday it came in at a 5, whoo hoo! According to Court I should expect to see more Google search traffic starting now.

New blogs are given a 0 page rank when Google first lists them. As time goes by and other blogs link to them (hint hint) their page rank rises according to a mysterious formula known only to Google, but which has something to do with the number of incoming links, the page rank of those sites linking and the age of the links – links over six months old are discounted, multiple links from the same site within the same six month period are counted as just one link and who knows what other arcane rules are applied.

ROTUS stayed the same at 5, btw and I’ll Never Forget The Day I Read A Book rose from a 3 to a 4.

Did your blog’s page rank change yesterday?