We have one little pawn shop here at Rotus Ranch. Like many pawn shops there is a musical instrument section, usually filled with cheap east Asian manufactured junk, scratched and dented to a fair thee well and priced near or sometimes above their cost new. I like to look. I once bought a 1937 King Zephyr alto saxophone for a couple hundred bucks at this shop. Their lack of knowledge about musical instruments can work for you sometimes.

Last week I found this Guild F-30 guitar, still in it’s case, leaning against the wall back there. I’m not going to disclose the actual, ridiculously low price I paid for it. It has a Hoboken label, which means that it was built in the Hoboken New Jersey factory, long closed down. Hans Moust, author of The Guild Guitar Book tells me that my new guitar rolled off the assembly line on October 27, 1964. I don’t have a guitar buying problem. I can quit any time I want.

GuitarJust thought I’d put a little guitar porn up on my blog.