chocolateJohn C has given a writing assignment to all his friends, kind of like a meme, but without the link list. He says, “If I were to have the chance of effecting some one, that chance I would ask that someone write an entry that’s about them in the most accountable and positive light most possible.” A couple of us have taken him up on the challenge, Daddy Papersurfer, for one and now myself.

Johnson, the man with two last names, lent me the copy of “Chocolat” that he had from Netflix and I managed to fish it out of the trash can where Mrs. R had stuffed it, assuming it was junk mail, and watch the movie last night. In this film a woman and her young daughter arrive in a small French village and open a chocolaterie where they sell, or give away, chocolates which have magical qualities, they bring out the best in the people who eat them and enable them to pursue their hearts desire.

These blogs I write are sort of my own Chocolat, allowing me to persue the writing and the music that I thought, back in the callow days of youth, would be my life’s pursuits. I have spent the last thirty and more years doingwhat needs to be done, as Garrison Kiellor says in his Powder Milk Biscuits ads.

Doing what needs to be done is not a bad life really – earning a living, raising children, paying the bills. There is a kind of satisfaction in perseverance. Along the way I built my family a house with my own hands, helped my wife to establish a new Unitarian Universalist congregation, adopted three girls and raised them to be sullen teenagers – something that we will all survive, worked in insurance, construction, sales, bookselling, radio and now at a non profit.

I can see an empty nest and retirement off on the horizon now. I am hoping, though my blogs, to bring myself full circle, back to those personal pursuits, music and writing, where I began.

Have a piece of chocolate.