Toyota SequoiaToday in the supermarket parking lot I was looking at some of the dinosaurs that people are driving. There are plenty of shiny new 2008 models out there and they all look like possible contestants for “The Biggest Loser.” These cars were purchased after the big price jump.

On of the reasons that American auto manufacturers are in so much trouble, as I understood it, is that they have been building huge gargantua that nobody wants, now that the price of gas has gone up to $3 a gallon and more. How, then do we explain the Toyota Sequoia, the Nissan Titan, the Honda Pilot?  These are all huge gargantua that get crappy gas mileage, too.

I know that there is still some difference in overall reliability, in fact I’m really mad at Chrysler Crporation right now, but that much? The price difference is in Detroit’s favor.

Do you have any thoughts on what is really driving American buyers away from American iron?Nissan Titan