Maryland FlagEvery couple of weeks the Maryland Blogger Alliance posts a blog carnival. This time around it is being hosted by Pillage Idiot. I have a Clark’s Picks post in the carnival. There are some interesting blog posts, including one from a new blog called Chestertown, The Quaintest Town In America, which I hope is untrue: The Quaintness-O-Meter Results Are In!.

It is a fact that Chestertown has a bunch of shops downtown which cater to las touristas, a pretty waterfront and a miniature tall ship of our very own. We try to keep the quaintness contained to the downtown area, except on Memorial Day Weekend, when ten to twenty thousand visitors, depending on who you talk to, come to town for the Chestertown Tea Party Festival and overwhelm all systems.

Other blogs in the Carnival of Maryland tend to be nature photographers, aspiring memoirists and right wing asshats. It can be fun. Go take a look.