Back when I had a full head of hair and wore tie dye shirts with my bell bottom jeans I would occasionally hear someone shout “Go back to Russia if you don’t like it here!” Kyle & SvetThat didn’t make a lot of sense to me as I’d never been to Russia, didn’t care to wear the baggy rumpled suits that I saw movie Russians wearing, spoke not a word of Russian and liked it just fine where I was. Someone must have said that to Kyle Keeton one to many times, though, because he is now living in Moscow with his wife Svetlana and writing a fine blog about being an American expat in Russia.

Windows to Russia is about Russian customs, food, economics, politics, dance, music, subways . . . Everything and anything that you can think of. Kyle regularly posts a summary of news stories about Russian issues and he links to the original source materials. On Sundays Svet writes a post that features some new interesting facet of Russian life.

The blog is always a good read, with many original photographs to accompany the text. It is also a good place to get into a spirited argument. I have a great time arguing with Kyle, who has strong opinions and knows how to express them.