Not this one, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. I understand that this is an unusual request. I have a couple of other blogs. The one that I am working hardest on is Clark’s Picks. I bought a domain name for it, I’m paying for commercial hosting, I post to it daily, well almost, and I am constantly thinking about new ways to promote it. This is my latest nefarious scheme.

clark's picksI would like to see some of my blogging friends out there, I think I have a couple, take a good close look at Clark’s Picks and write an honest, no holds barred review. If you do, I’ll write a review of your blog. My review of yours will appear here in ROTUS, my um,    er,     flagship blog.  Are you game? Maybe you could find a new niche for your blog, writing blog reviews, eh? (Eh?, sometimes spelled ay?, is Canadian for “This is the end of the sentence, eh?”)