Geraldine FerraroBarak ObamaFormer congresswoman and vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro resigned her honorary position in the Clinton campaign today amid allegations of racism because of her remark that Obama would not be in the position he is in now if he were a white man. I read in somebody’s blog that she was right – he would be the nominee already. That may be a fair assessment, in that every nominee of any major party in US history has been a white man – so far.

This year is a little different. In fact Obama has gotten a great deal of buzz in the media for being the first black man to have a viable chance at the nomination of the Democratic Party and of winning the Presidential race. Sorry Jessie, but we weren’t ready for you in 1984.

Ms. Ferraro was referring to the excitement that has been generated over this very significant first, which has resulted in a large increase in voter support and campaign money. The same could be said of Hillary Clinton, would she be in contention if she were a white man? Obama had to get to that point on his own, but now that he is there, the synergy is very real.

Was Ferraro wrong? What do you think?