Harry returnsPeople who gush about the British Royal family bore me to tears, even more that the usual Hollywood tabloid stuff. But yesterday I was listening to some so called journalists on the local NPR affiliate deriding the British press for keeping  Prince Harry’s presence in Afghanistan a secret for so long. These idiots thought that the Brits were betraying their calling, that they were kowtowing to governmental authority and would no longer be trustworthy news sources because they had done this.  So, I guess that these people would be eager to expose Valerie Plame’s CIA connection, as Robert Navak did. Why do I even ask, of course they would.

Matt Drudge exposed Harry and his entire unit to the possibility of a targeted Taliban or Alkaida attack or possible an attempted kidnapping, by publishing the news of his military service in Afghanistan. Nice going. Now Harry is home again, early, because of Drudge’s great journalistic coup. Was the public served by this? No. There is no public right to know official secrets. But once again the Drudge dumpster was given lots of publicity in the mainstream media – OMG even on my own blog, right next to a picture of Harry and Charles. Gag me with a spoon!