The Big E Brandy and Will, over at Moue Magazine were kind enough to give this award for alleged excellence to my little personal blog. It doesn’t come without strings, however. By the terms under which the award is being passed around blogtopia, (©Skippy The Bush Kangaroo) like a bad cold, I must now pass it on to not one, not five but ten!, yes, ten! deserving blogs.

I’ve spent most of the day perusing my blogroll looking for the ten very most deserving blogs and have come up with this list. There is no need to watch the Oscars tonight, after you read this post. (Actually there is one reason, my personal friend, well not a complete stranger, Marlon Saunders, son of my children’s guidance counselor, will be singing one of the songs nominated in the music category, as he did in in Dinsey’s “Enchanted.”)

Anyway, here are the nominees in the best blogs catagory:

The Crone Speaks,for asking the media why they are not covering climate change as a campaign issue in the Presidential race.

The Field Negro,for questioning all of our assumptions although I’m not clear whether he is upset with Senator Obama or with Tavis Smiley.

Personally I like Tavis and I think a post about him should be added to Stuff White People Like, nominated for being mildly humorous.

Rachel’s Tavern, for passing out more than one blog’s share of link love.

On My Mind, for playing Where’s Waldo with NAFTA.

The Sirens Chronicles for questioning the wisdom of Praying for the death of your religious and political opponants. (at least in the United states)

Alien Trucker for warning us that bloggers are a threat to national security.

Bark Bark Woof Woof for promoting peace between Evangelicals and the Democratic Party.