This post os a response to a series of posts onWindows to Russia about the beautiful Metro stations of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

I had the opportunity to visit New York after a 20 some year absence, which I posted about earlier. During that visit I rode the subway from the World Trade Center to 50ths St. and Broadway and back again. Although the stations were as I remembered them, perhaps less a bit of trash, I found the trains and the passengers to be transformed. The subway cars were clean and free from graffiti and the people of New York friendly, helpful and wiling to talk to a stranger. I don’t know how this happened, but whatever Kool Aid they’ve been drinking should be put into the water supply in every major city in the world.

Here are two videos of the New York subway that I found on YouTube. One shows a few of the unlovely stations and a ride on a train. The other is of Michael Jackson, among others, dancing in the station at Times Square, 42nd street. You won’t find that in Moscow!