We liberal bloggers often get our inspiration and ideas for post topics by reading each other’s blogs. This can lead to a kind of circular stagnation. For a change of pace, I though I would look for a good post topic over on the other side of the aisle and I found something interesting over at Foehammer’s Anvil.

Foehammer’s Anvil has signed, and is helping to circulate, a petition, to be presented to the World Court, to ban the practice of Islam worldwide. Consider the possibilities! If blue helmeted UN advisers were sent out to the “tribal” areas of western Pakistan to tell the people there that they were no longer allowed to be Muslims and to offer them the choice of a new religion to practice, all those madrassas would be closed down or converted to Christian academies. The Taliban would turn in their weapons and go back to hooking rugs. The opium trade would come to an abrupt halt. It’s even possible that Pakistan would want to rejoin India if a majority of Pakistanis chose to become Hindus. Hinduism is very welcoming, it could happen!

Religious instructors of various faiths could be sent out so that those Palestinians who chose to become Jewish would learn to apply their old knowledge about dietary laws in new ways. They really are more similar than they think, already. I think that most Palistinians would find that they fit right in, in a new greater Israel. The rest of them are, of course, already Christians, of a sort, anyway. A few Billy Graham Crusade for Christ DVDs and they would be good to go.

Iran could go ahead and have their nuclear program because we would be able to trust that it really was for peaceful purposes. Democracy would flower in the middle east just like we said it would. It wouldn’t even take and invasion!

The Saudis and the gulf states would be a different challenge, because of their wealth and sophistication. They might become competition to our own American televangelists. Can you imagine the mega churches! The palatial Crystal Cathedral of Mecca, with Pastor Nayef bin Sultan bin Fawwaz al-Shalaan, beaming down inspiring sermons and middle eastern flavored Gospel music from a network of privately held satellites all over the world! Blue haired grandmothers would be PayPaling their savings to the Gulf. It could have a deleterious effect on the US trade deficit. We might have to set an export quota on religious contributions.

In the meantime, as this will take some time to implement, Foehammer’s Anvil has another, less ambitious idea. The blog is running a survey on a proposal, which a majority of it’s readers seem to favor, to put electronic surveillance equipment into mosques. I think that Kellog, Brown and Root would be happy to take the contract.

Do stop by at Foehammer’s Anvil to read the interesting posts and leave a comment. Original thinking like this should be rewarded.