It has not been a quiet week at Rotus Ranch. I’ve given my music blog, Clark’s Picks, a complete makeover, including moving it to a commercial hosting site, in preparation for a month long, free listing in the USA Today Blogger & Podcaster Guide, which was arranged by my friends at Fuelmyblog. Anyone who is, or becomes a Fuel member can sign up for a month’s listing for free in the guide. USA Today gets nearly ten and a half million unique visitors a day. The guide itself, not so many. There is also a 20% discount off the $49.95/month regular price for a listing. Today the listing ran for the first time. I haven’t seen any increase in traffic from it, yet, but I’m hopeful. I have my eye on a nice yacht.

As a joke on a couple of friends, I wrote the little post below Bald Middle Aged White Men For Obama. Several blogs linked to this post, including the venerable Crooks and Liars, Buzzflash, Ambivablog, and Fielld Negro. Now I have to explain to my two friends why 3,316 complete strangers have been laughing at them for the past 24 hours. This is my first experience of being blogswarmed. I’m glad it was a small swarm and nobody got stung.