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Obama campaign worers I have been hearing on the TV news a lot of talk about the black vote for Obama and the women’s vote for Clinton and blah blah blah, as though this was a campaign to elect the black President or the woman President and only those two demographics are gong to count in the end, with perhaps some latino voters here and there, who will vote for the person who can best pronounce “Sí se puede.”

Here is a picture of two bald, middle aged white men at the makeshift Obama for America headquarters here at Rotus Ranch. The one sitting down with the bottled water, trying to look important, is the local campaign chair. (that means he gets to sit down, I guess) The one with the cell phone is talking to an African American of the female persuasion, trying to recruit her to canvass for Obama in her neighborhood this weekend.

These rather unattractive distinguished gentlemen still represent a large voting bloc, even within the Democratic Party. They, we actually, are not all lockstep members red state legions. We are the invisible Americans. Don’t discount our votes.