My new blogging pal The Crone Speaks, who I just met during this weekend’s Great Blogrolling Orgy of 2008, tagged me with this meme, which she says has been going around for about 3 years. I can well believe it as it is something that even I have seen on several blogs already. I hope that this is the only thing I caught.

Let me see if I can follow the instructions correctly. My regular readers, all three of them, already know that following instructions is not my strong suit.

So here’s the rules of the Meme:

1. Pick up the nearest book ( of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

It just so happens that the nearest book to me at this moment is “The Thresher” by Herbert Krause published by The Bobbs-Merrill Company in 1946. This was not the book that I had wanted to use, but I’m not going to cheat so there it is. My father gave me this book at Christmas time and I fully intend to read it sometime. As a very young man, around the time the that “The Thresher” was published, dad worked on threshing crews on farms around his childhood home of Rugby North Dakota. I don’t know where he picked the book up but he read it and has told me that it is pretty accurate in it’s description of farm life in the upper midwest back in the day.

Here are my obligatory three sentences:

With thirst fiery on his tongue he began the milking. With ungentle hands he fed the calves that plunged in eager hunger at their tethers. He slammed the buckets against their heads viciously growling, “Devil take you away!”

Now, who shall I infect with this literary virus? Let me think, well, for one, probably stretching the rules here a bit, I’m going to tag myself again over at my book blog, where it might make some sense I’ll Never Forget The Day I Read A Book. Just for fun I’m going to tag A Brit Out Of Water, who must be very literary, with that accent and all, At Linda’s, because I can, Canucklehead, because I want to hear what he will say and Julie’s Blog, in hopes that she will do something with it other than that animated chicken. ;^)