Holy Al Gore, Batman, the Newt has jumped on the bandwagon! He has a new book coming out. It’s called “Contract With The Earth.” Here’s a tiny excerpt that I cribbed from Amazon.com:

WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT, humanity has assumed responsibility for the welfare of the earth and all the noble creatures that share it. The scale of human civilization, the volume of our economic activity, and the power of science and technology have made us shapers of much of the earth. The power to shape leads inevitably to a responsibility to wield this power wisely and carefully. America as the world’s sole superpower, is obligated to provide environmental leadership at a time when so many world leaders are wringing their hands at the sheer enormity of the task.

Welcome to the Sierra Club, Mr. Newt. It’s about time somebody from your side of the bed got up and looked out the window. I’m not going to say that I doubt your sincerity. I’m glad to have you aboard. I only hope that you will offer some new, useful ideas to help us deal with the crisis that has been building for the past several decades while we have been arguing over the need to act.

Kudos to Amba over at AmbivaBlog for turning me on to this.