Instead of finishing reading the next book for review on I’ll Never Forget The Day I Read A Book!, which is long overdue, or writing a new post for this blog, I have spent almost my entire weekend with my eyes glued to StatCounter, watching the numbers as people, one by one, find my new blog, Clark’s Picks. It’s truly amazing how much time can be wasted checking a statistics site, over and over again. I did finally get the lawnmower winterized, for which Mrs. R is grateful. It looked pretty sad sitting out there in the middle of the back yard in the rain. Now it is tucked neatly away in the shed with it’s gas tank emptied and it’s oil changed.

StatCounter Bar Chart

The site is only 5 days old so it’s entire history can be seen on the above chart. I’m very happy about the number of visitors today. I don’t know if it was my Irish viral email campaign, the Maryland Blogger Alliance blogroll or all the little widgets from all the blogging directories I added yesterday and today. I know that the excess of hits is because I was pasting each script in and then checking that each one worked.

I have looked high and low and have not found many other blogs that are using the resources of YouTube in the same way. Either that means I am an innovator, or that there is something scarily wrong about what I am doing. My money is on choice number 2, until proven otherwise. All I am doing is picking one video clip each day to embed in a post and write about it. Will the video police be knocking at my door in the middle of the night? There is code up there encouraging me to embed these videos, after all.