I’ve been hard at work creating my new blog/website Clark’s Picks , at http://www.clarkspicks.com. It is a blog, or maybe even a vlog, where I post embedded videos of musical performances by artists, both famous and obscure. I search through the muck to find the best videos of the best music, in my own humble opinion, that I can find.

I remember reading this joke online a few years ago: You receive an email which says “This is an Irish computer virus. Please forward this email to everybody in your address book and then delete all the files on your hard drive. Thank you.”

Now my new site is ready to unveil and I would like to use this gentle poke at the kindness and politeness, when sober, of the Irish people, as a viral marketing tool. Here’s how it works.

First: Please take a look at the site, Clark’s Picks to determine whether you think it is worthwhile or just another example of the time wasting drivel people with no life put up on the internet.

Second: If you decide it is an OK site, copy this message and email it to a few people on your address book that you think would be interested in it. Please put their addresses in the BCC: field on your email, so that a long annoying list of email addresses doesn’t get built up for some spammer to harvest down the line. If you need help ask me.

Third: Ask them to do the same.

Fourth: Bookmark the page for return visits or put it on your blogroll. New music is being added all the time.

This has been an Irish computer virus. Thank you for your time.