I haven’t written a post on the good blogs I have found in a while so here’s my 2007 year end edition of Blog I Have Found.

Book Calendar reveals the inner life of a librarian, including what librarians find going on in the stacks, reviews on lots of books and philosophical insights on life.

Buck Naked Politics strips off the gloss, just as advertised. Get a naked perspective on the news.

Smashed Frog must be a Democrat, I think, maybe. Anyway there is something about Democrats in the sidebar. I’m sure Smashed Frog, a blog from Florida, likes orange juice, though, but maybe not O.J.

The Offended Blogger is really a misnomer, since the goal of this blog is to offend the sensibilities of Mrs. Grundy and Mr. Politically Correct.

A Progressive on the Prairie is a blue blogger in a red state. a Progressive on the Prairie has just resolved to read four long, involved Russian novels in 2008. This could become the cause of blog neglect.

A note on my blogroll policy:

I guess that I should have a policy on what blogs I will put on my blogroll so I am making one up as I type. Please do not ask me to exchange links with you. If you want me to read you blog I would be happy to. If I like it enough I will add it to my blogroll and no exchange is required. If I don’t you won’t have a reason to get mad at me. That way I can give a high quality blog reading experience to everyone who clicks away from my blog. It’s the least I can do. If you like my blog you can do the same. No one will be more surprised than I.

I'll Never Forget the Day I Read a Book!

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