I guess That I can accept KevinD’s tag at Fuel My Blog as applying to me, as he let me write a guest post once. This may kill my chances of ever doing another, I don’t know. Usually I don’t speak about myself in the third person but it’s becoming a problem since I did the post about John Chow.

1. The name ROTUS comes from my original MySpace page that was once entitled Resident of the United States.

2. Once upon a time, ROTUS tried to get people to listen to folk music on the radio, hosting a weekly program for 16 years, but nobody tuned in.

3. ROTUS is originally from the state of Minnesota and has attended a live broadcast of “A Prairie Home Companion.” I always get the jokes, too, even the most obscure ones.

4. ROTUS changed his voter registration to Democrat after the 2000 election. Why I didn’t do that after 1972 remains a mystery.

5. JohnC wants to know ROTUS’ secret, but I will never tell. Or maybe it’s #4 above.

6. ROTUS is a high ropes adventure course facilitator.

7. ROTUS attended Indiana University but it was the one in Pennsylvania. While a student, I had the opportunity to get roaring drunk with Anthony Burgess, who seemed to be somewhat jealous of the attention being paid at the time, to Kurt Vonnegut Jr. I believe that the movie version of “Slaughterhouse Five” had done better at the box office than “A Clockwork Orange.” So it goes.

I would like to tag Windows to Russia, although I don’t know if there are that many things Kyle and Svet haven’t already blogged about themselves.

I'll Never Forget the Day I Read a Book!

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