ambrose.jpgPardon me if I appear a bit disheveled and have been among the missing lately. Since last night I have been spending quite a bit of time in Second Life. I’m sure that Second Life is old news to almost everyone online but I only recently bought a computer that has enough horsepower to run the program.

If you see a tall young, bearded African American man wearing horn rimmed glasses and needing a haircut, named Ambrose Ballyhoo, wandering in a daze around Second Life – that would be me. I wanted to use my old The Simms avatar, Red Smoot, jazz musician, but couldn’t get use of the name. Ambrose is still very wet behind the ears, probably because of his tendency to walk into deep pools of water. He also has trouble with walking into walls. A couple of times Ambrose has mysteriously sunk below the ground and gotten stuck in a greenish gray limbo. I guess it’s a glitch in the software. I logged on a few minutes ago to discover that Ambrose had been transformed into the bearded lady. Honestly, I didn’t buy one of those skins!

Be sure that your children don’t lie about their ages when registering for Second Life. Well, actually, If you don’t want to have *that talk* with them, your children can get quite a sex education in there. Just the “skins” that are for sale are pretty eye opening.
Everything is for sale in Second Life. I think that it must be second only to blogging for the number of people who are trying to make money without having to actually do any work. There is an enormous amount of development going on and there appears to be no building code. Caveat emptor applies in a big way. You can also buy clothes, particularly if you are into goth. There are works of art, yachts, cars, a new body to hang the clothes on – an anatomically correct body, guns – why would anyone need a gun? Second Life has it’s own currency which you can buy , using real money, through a credit card transaction. I guess that people can make and sell stuff for this funny money and somehow convert it back to real money, too.

I’m sure there are virtual drug dealers, and probably gangs. Actually I am getting a bit scared. I ran across a sign that said “You are entering the outlands. You can die here.” I didn’t go there.

Have you ever tried Second Life? Frankly I don’t get it.

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