It doesn’t take long, once you start exploring the blogosphere to run across the name John Chow. I first read a snarky comment somewhere about his spelling errors. People seem to be jealous of this person, if John Chow is really a person at all, of which I have some doubt. I think John Chow may be a marketing construct like Uncle Ben or Aunt Jemima, created in order to sell a product. He is probably the public face of a team of geeks somewhere in silicon land who take a little time out of each day’s RPG death match to team write a blog post.

In John Chow‘s case the product is a concept. How to make money online. In fact the header tag on his website is “I Make Money Online By Telling People How Much Money I Make Online.” Well, at least he’s honest. John Chow never promises that you will make money online, he only tells you that he made $27,000 in November, 2007, up from only $1.98 in May of 2006.

John Chow is never shy about telling you how he monetized his blog and reached financial freedom. He did it by drawing a truckload of people over to his blog to read about how he did it. I seem to be stuck at the $1.98 stage. BTW do you see my little beer mug icon over there on the right?

John Chow has become so successful that his name, John Chow, has become a powerful internet search keyword. So powerful, so popular in fact that John Chow‘s own website doesn’t even come up on the first page at Google if you search for John Chow. What comes up is a long list of blogs by people panning John Chow, praising, John Chow and accusing John Chow of unspeakable crimes against stuffed pandas.

Could you or I learn to make huge money online like John Chow by reading I doubt it, but I’m here trying.

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