I spent some time wandering around the blogosphere today and came upon a couple of interesting sites. One was a page called Wrongblog which, just by it’s name, I could tell was my kind of place. It is an open source blog. Any registered user can post to this blog. It is moderated by it’s creator, Paul Wolfbernz, who is not the former Director of the World Bank, and spells his name differently. He had wisely disabled the registration link when I came by to look at the blog. I’m sure he’ll fix it if he knows you are coming. Paul also runs Blogdumps, a blog directory and Blogdumps Video, a small but feisty competitor of GooTube. I just love his websites’ names.

WordPress.com has announced the discovery of a new phenomenon called Gravitars, which they claim are “everywhere.” This may be the quantum particle that will finally help physicists solve the unified field theory problem. If Einstein had only lived to see the day.

I clicked on a image link that I found on a college student’s personal blog which brought me to a quiz site which sorts people into the proper Hogwarts house. She was a Slytherin, interestingly. Apparently I am in Ravenclaw. Probably because I liked the books better than the movies. The site is called Where Do You Belong? People have suggested that I belong in any number of places but Hogwarts was never one of them. You just never know. i'm in ravenclaw!