It was an eventful day at the Rotus Ranch today. I came down to check my stats, as every red blooded American does over morning coffee, and discovered that this blog has been declared “Blog of the Weekend” over at Linky Love in a long and somewhat salacious post.

Mrs. R and I went off to Baltimore to pick up our eldest and take her out for a hard day at the mall. We spent about 6 hours furiously consuming, doing out patriotic duty to Dow Jones and country.

Before we left I had posted a comment on a blog that explained how to get #1 in a Google search by finding an obscure search string that nobody ever wrote anything about before and then tailoring a blog post to fit it. I pointed out that this might be a pointless exercise. The author of said blog called me a dumb f*** in a follow up comment. Thank you sir! Boorish behavior is the new manners on these here internets. You will note that I am not giving the guy any link love in this post.

My entry into the Christmas contest run by LindaC over at Fuel My Blog came in second place. I was able to choose my own prize, so I chose the silver beaded purse from Laga Handbags , which I will give to Mrs. R thus completing my Christmas shopping. Not such a dumb f*** after all, huh? My thanks and profuse apologies to all the members of my FMB posse who have had to put up with my spamish efforts to get out the vote these last several days.

I have entered another blogging contest, this one run by BenSpark at his blog The Wired Kayaker in conjunction with Mad Gringo Hawaiian shirts. I will let the chips fall where the cow drops them on this one.

I am expecting that my first, and possibly only, guest post on the Fuel My Blog blog will appear tomorrow. Do drop by and take a look or, if it doesn’t show, or is a huge flop, it will be all your fault.