I was sitting in the back of the Bluebird Tavern nursing a beer and thinking about Alan Watts. God knows why I was thinking about Alan Watts but there it is. Alan Watts was an Episcopalian priest who was a noted authority on Buddhism and Asian philosophy. He wrote a bunch of books line, The Spirit of Zen, The Wisdom of Insecurity, and The Art of Contemplation. Twenty five or twenty six books actually. Back in the tie dye days of my youth I read several of them.

Buddhist practice requires someone to sit quietly in meditation for long periods of time. Alan Watts was not able to sit still. He wrote books about meditating but he was never able to actually do it. I can’t think, offhand, of anyone else who was such a recognized authority on something that he was completely unable to do. Well, Watts was big on Taosim, too. He could go with the flow with the best of them, so I guess that was OK.

About the same time as I was reading Alan Watts books, I voted for Richard Nixon. He had a secret plan, come on. He was going to end the war! I was entirely convinced tha George McGovern was completely incapable of gorverning and that he would in the country if elected. He was the candidate of “amnesty, abortion and acid,” according to the Republican dirty tricks squad. Actually, that was my platform that year, too. Why DID I vote for Tricky Dick?

I don’t have the foggiest notion where this post is going. I’m just reminiscing about my wasted youth. OK, here we go: The 2008 election cycle is upon us. Let’s don’t listen too closely to people who are experts in fields they know nothing about or believe what people tell us about the other candidates. Al Gore, for instance, has a wicked sense off humor. He never once was offered a job standing out in front of a tobacco shop. Hillary’s laugh is just like anyone else’s. John McCain doesn’t go postal Mike Huckabee is not a friend of career criminals. Get over it.