Welcome to my new digs! I have moved this blog from Blogger so that I can provide the proper “linky love” to other bloggers who comment on my posts.

Every blog hosting site has it’s own set of challenges. Here at WordPress I am not allowed to have Google Adwords.

That’s not so bad, as I wouldn’t meet their minimum click throughs to get paid if I blogged a hundred years. You will notice, over to your right a little beer mug. This is my new big scheme to “monetize ” my blog. If the spirit moves you, you can click on that beer mug and it will open a form on PayPal, which will allow you to put a dollar into my PayPal account. The amount is preset at $1.00

I have bet my wife a dollar that I will get at least one donation before Jan 1, 2008. If you are the first to buy me a beer your donation will be doubled by a matching grant from her. I am following the NPR theory of economic benevolence. Hey, it works for them.

For the time being my other blog,  I’ll Never Forget The Day I Read A Book!  wil remain at Blogger. As I understand it, the Amazon affiliate links that I decorate my posts with will not be allowed b y WordPress. Maybe if someone actually clicks one and buys the book I could invest in my own dot com name and some hosting. Dream on.