Yes, It’s true. I have been fueling my own blog. It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, as tough I am doing something vaguely unethical or likely to give me hairy palms. But for the past two days I have given each of my blogs one “fuel” each day.

All these blogging websites – TechnoWhizBang, MyBloggingBuddies, ZigZag, WonderWidgets, BloggingFrenzy – there are just too many of them and I can’t keep up with them all. But I am determined to make it onto the homepage of fuelmyblog just once before I run out of things to write about – and some have said that I am already running a bit thin on good ideas.

Fortunately the “snuff” feature doesn’t seem to be used very much. How horrible to have your blog “snuffed” by some heartless Tony Soprano wannabe. Fuel, though, is hard to come by. Fuel is a scarce commodity. Fuelmyblog is a Darwinian struggle to gather the most fuel in whatever category you signed your blog up for. Those that are fueled the most gain a fleeting moment of fame on the felmyblog homepage, there to bask in a heavenly shower of readers, and of course, more fuel.

By the way, do you see that kind of orange thing over there on the sidebar with all the little teeny tiny pictures on it? The one that says “My Blogroll” and “Click below to . . . fuelmyblog? Go ahead and click it once, you know you want to.

Editors Note:

I just spent the last 20 minutes fueling every blog of every person on my growing friends list. What a suck up. Maybe I should click the little “Report Abuse” button on myself.