I have another blog, that I started first, I’ll Never Forget The Day I Read a Book! which probably should have been enough to keep me busy. I posted to that blog for about three months before I noticed that somebody was occasionally reading it. I think I get an actual comment one day.

So then I started to look at websites about How To Blog and one if the things I read was that you should post to your blog every day. -If you have been paying close attention, you may have noticed that I didn’t post yesterday, ahem. – It’s hard to post everyday to my book blog. One rule that I made for myself is that I have to actually read a book before I write about it. What with a day job, a family, other interests, social obligations, the need to sleep, it can take me a week or sometimes more to get through a good book. I don’t bother to finish, or review, ones that I consider bad, whatever that is.

This blog, my post something and get on with your day blog. Has been getting more hits, more links, and more actual readers than the other, which proves the value of frequent posting, if nothing else. I’ll Never Forget The Day I Read a Book! has won a couple of awards, though. But then anybody can create an award on the internet. In fact that will be the subject of my next post.

Stay tuned for the ROTUS Award!

(Image courtesy of Silicon Valley Watcher )