Because anybody can give an award. – and it works!

Recently my other blog (see the last post) was given a couple of blogging awards and, after a bit of investigation, I discovered that anybody with an internet connection can, and some do, give out an award to any blog or website that he, she, it or they want. Now, you might think that this makes these awards worth about as much as a square of tissue paper, but wait!

I put the code, to show the little graphic of my awards on my blog and, lo and behold, I started seeing traffic on Statcounter that was coming from the websites that had given me the awards and those people seemed to stay around for a minute or five. They were actual readers!

This is kind of like Amway, but you don’t have to try to recruit your family and friends to sell soap for you. In order for an award to work it has to meet the following criteria.

The blogs or websites receiving the award must actually be good.
They also have to believe in the magic just a little bit and put the award code up someplace on their sites.

The blog giving the award must be, at least, not horrible.
It also must post links to the award winners.

There must be several winners at the same time.

What happens then is that people looking at the award winning sites, see the award, click on it out of curiosity, and then click on, after they have seen the other awards, and look at the other award winners. Hopefully some of them will find something that moves them and will become regular readers.

Assuming that this blog is not horrible and without further ado:

The 2007 ROTUS Blog Awards

To Daddy Papersurfer For promoting merriment and creating a blog using a Mac in Great Britain.: A Strong Cup of Coffee.

A strong cup of coffee

To Windows to Russia For opening a window into the heart of Moscow: A Giant Bear Hug.

A giant bear hug

To My Art Becomes Yours for being artistic and wearing a beret in France: The Beautiful Blogger Award.

The Beautiful Blogger Award

And finally, to ROTUS for actions above and beyond the call of good taste: A Dead Horse (so it can be mercilessly beaten.)

A dead horse (so it can be mercilessly beaten)