A Blog About Nothing has issued a challenge:

“How would you spend $50.00 on your blog? One lucky and creative winner will get a check for $50.00 from me in order to spend on their blog however they wish. In order to enter just write a short blog post telling how you’d spend the money and link back to this article.”

Well, see, this is a blog that spends nothing. It is on a free blog hosting service. I have, and continue to search for, free blog communities, free statistics services, free advertising, free links. Sometimes I wonder how the internet survives with people like me freeloading off of it.

If I had $50 my children would spend it for me on movie tickets, pizza and prepaid cell phone minutes. In fact I had $50 in my pocket just yesterday and today I’m packing a bag lunch.

Editors Note:

Since the point of tis exercise it to get a link on someone else’s blog and since tis is a much nicer way to do it than to concoct a phony genius award, and since Brent linked me in his blog, here are links to the other entrants, to date, for this prestigious $50 challenge.

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