I ran across this poll online this morning. You can see it at AP-Yahoo News Poll: Part II

I’m not going to comment about the answers in re: the war in Iraq or who was favored in the Presidential race but I did notice that there seems to be a disconnect in regard to how people see their own lives.

66% of the people taking the poll are either very happy or somewhat happy with how things are going in their lives, but:

37% frequently experience stress in their daily lives.

46% frequently or sometimes get the feeling that their lives are beyond their control.

33% say it is very difficult and another 33% that is is somewhat difficult for their families to get ahead financially.

Only 32% felt that they had a lot of control over their own personal finances.

65% said that you can”t be too careful when dealing with people as opposed to 34% who said most people can be trusted.

If you don’t feel that you have control over your own finances and do feel that it is difficult to get ahead, if you are distrustful of your neighbors, if you are under stress – why are you so happy?

A whopping 36% identified themselves as born again or evangelical Christians. I thought it was just my neighbors here in the south.

63% are in favor of a government insurance plan that would cover all medical and hospital expenses for everyone while only 22% are opposed to it. I guess that Congress had better take notice.